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A Man’s Best Friend

Animals are such a big part of our lives. We consider them family. Unfortunately just like people.. they don’t last forever. Being an owner its like losing your best friend. I was asked by Eric if I could photograph him and his dog Vader. Eric Cheesman is also a professional photographer with Third Eye Imagery. You can check out his website @
Lil different being in front of the camera huh Eric? Vader a great dane, with a beautiful spirit and a bold personality. Memories and pictures are sometime the only thing we have left of the cherished times.

Eric & Vador

Gentle Van Vador
Gentle Van Vader



  1. I would love for you to take some pictures of my dog Sunny like that on the beach how great they would be since the only thing I have found I don’t like about dogs is they just don’t live long enough, I will be in touch shortly

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