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Color vs. Black & White vs. Sepia…… take your pick

Having fun with a headshots that I photographed with Shannon a writer from . Examiner from what you ask… West Palm Skin & Bodycare Examiner. Can’t you tell. Click on the link if you want to learn what works and what doesn’t work in the line of beauty.

Shannon Dalbo is a marketing, advertising and public relations specialist with 11 years of experience. Her obsession is the ever-evolving cosmetics industry and is a self-proclaimed beauty junkie. Not only does she keep current on new products and innovations, but she also tests them and wants to share real reviews.

Little bit of this and little of that, being universal, that is my style …. I love color….. I love black and white and………. I love sepia.(My sepia is a sepia with a slight color) I love it all!!!!!! As long as its good color, good black and white and, good sepia. There are alot of variations and its important for the artist to have control so know matter what one you want to go with, its the best. So you take your pick;)

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