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Family Wall Portrait made to Perfection

It was an honor to photograph The Daly Family. It was a beautiful day. We ended up scheduling a 12 o’clock portrait session. As photographers know 12 noon with not usual. You have to control light, but I always like challenges and Nancy and Paul were taking off that day to go on the brand new Oasis. I also had another client trying to schedule 4:30 that day so why not. All the images came out so beautiful and we ended having 3 locations @ the house.

I am also turing my blog into educational blog for other photographers as well as my clients so they are educated on the product and also take better picture on vacation.

Always talk about the look your going for is it going to be high key or low key? Have them dress for location. Beach light colors – darker for urban. Keep it simple no craziness unless your going for fashion then glam it up! I wrote about taking an image from other to make one strong image. You have to be photoshop skilled.You also want to keep the background simple because its more about the family. Check out the images below its almost like photo hunt. Always minor retouching you don’t want to over due it, keep it natural. And always remember its also about the experience of being photographed. You must be a people person and know what you are doing. I want to thank my assistant for helping with me control the light.

photo changes
photo changes

At my later portrait session… I photographed a family on the jets and also photographed Nancy and Paul as they were taken off for fun night out to sea.

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