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Event at Ballenisles Country Club Palm Beach Gardens benefitting Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation

Living is Sunny Florida you can never be too careful the sun and UV rays. Especially for someone with fair skin like myself… but it effects everyone no matter what skin type you have. Being safe is also being educated on how to protect yourself and still have fun in the sun. For it is the Sun after all that brought me to sunny Florida. The Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation is a non -profit organization involved in skin cancer education. They educate the community through our SunSmart America K-12 Curriculum which provides school-based learning on sun safety and skin cancer. SunSmart America, meets existing requirements in science, health, physical education and language arts. We also provide other SunSmart America programs through Melanoma Foundation website.

Check out some images of such a great event Living in Las Vegas Casino Night @ Beallenisles Country Club Palm Beach Gardens. Where they had Great Prizes and Raffles Items as well as a chance to win a 1/2 Carat Diamond!!!!  

Art by Lucas Salton Glass Design –  Bel Aire Chair – Onessimo Fine Art

Plastic Surgery Procedure (Non – Invasive)  –   Sports & Entertainment Memorabilia

Yacht Club Membership and much more…. 

a special thanks to Founder and President Deborah K Schwarzberg. 

and the board: Brian Guralnick  – S Darrell Lee, MD   

Tracey Ahrendt   –   Andrew Comiter  –   Jeff Klatzko   –   Fran Krasne  -Dwayne Montie, MD  – Emilie Schaffer  – Talya Schwarzberg   – Kristi Lei Bryan  – Pamela Comiter   – Lindsay Klatzko   – Lisette Maiorisi   – Mona Reis   – Abe Schwarzberg   

The night as filled with entertainment, prizes, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Art, Martini’s, Tasty Food, Great Music, Laughter and Fun all for a good cause…. it doesn’t get better than that!  This event happens every year so if you missed it…. keep posted on upcoming  Melanoma Foundation events.

To view more pictures from the event. 2 for 1 prints until July 20th 2010 all proceeds will benefit The Richard Kann Melanoma Foundation. 



Special Event - Living in Las Vegas Casino Night
Special Event - Living in Las Vegas Casino Night


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