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The Chill Feel of the Key Bahia Florida Keys

The past two days gave south floridian a chill feeling. Beautiful days and chilly nights. Soak it up before the summer hits us hot! Well Here is a different feeling of  Chill or should I say Chilling in the Keys. We are so luck to be able to escape to the south Florida Keys, whats your pick? Key West, Islandmorada, Key Largo, Duck Key, Marathon and many more depends on your perpes and how far you wanna drive. These shots were taken on my journey home after a destination wedding in Key West. By the 7 mile bridge there is a national park in Bahia Mar. I love traveling and taking the road less taken. Being free spirit and stoping whenever you want. I like stopping where ever I see a vision or a feel. Thats whats great always having a camera on you. To be quite honest I kinda feel naked without it been photographing so long it becomes apart of you. You see light different. I love to capture it cause even when you photograph at the same location. The feel maybe different of the image. It really is like capturing time. And like time you can’t go back to that moment to that feel. I wish I could capture everything but I have to remind myself that I can’t capture everything and have to capture it in my mind and enjoy what is before me. Life, Memories, Visions, Feelings, Art of Nature. I do like to stop at some national parks and I like to pick them whenever. I do have a few on my map thats on my list as as a must like Yellowstone, Joshua’s Tree and many more if you have any recommndations please feel free to share your experiences and share images or links. Would love to see your journey.

I love photographing nature. The world is beautiful. I appreaciate and grateful everyday. I love capturing art and feeling of the vibe of the location. I was given a gift to the world and I want to share it with you! If the images are not seen then they lose there meaning. Thank you for the time to see my vision. 🙂

I changed the composition would love some feedback on what image below you think is best? This image I am printing for my family’s home back in Pennsylvania. They love the shore and well the keys are our shore in south florida.


Interesting how you can change the composition in an image and something new
Interesting how you can change the composition in an image and something new

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