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Live Music Photography – Gaudi Art Basel

MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY is definitely a passion of mine. There is nothing I love more than MUSIC and PHOTOGRAPHY. So combining the two is positive vibes all around. Being one of the Top International Photographers, I feel that it is important to always be learning and experiencing in your field. I have been photographing live concerts, festivals, band albums and promotions etc for a long time and always up for creating something new and magical just like the music. When the image gives that vibe of energy, impact and excitement reliving the moments that pass us by but always lives inside. Music has to be one of the most beautiful inspiring gift out there. And for that I thank all the beautiful people who bring on the positive vibes.

Love this piece its a collection of 3 images together called “Gaudi Love” …. Why? Well I feel in love with Gaudi for the first time during his set at Art Basel Live @ 7th Circuit Studios. It was a beautiful experience to see Gaudi live and they rocked it. Sounding great is one thing but putting on a performance is another. They .. and when I mean they Daniele Gaudi and Danny Ladwa were in your face live picking up all kinds of funky instruments and jammed it out! A night I will never forget. Thank you Gaudi

Gaudi is a musician, composer, record producer, and solo artist from Bologna Italy. Based out of London. His music is fused with Dub, worldbeat and electronica. Check out his website for more information and upcoming events. Gaudi

Live Music Photography - Gaudi Live @ Art Basel
Live Music Photography - Gaudi Live @ Art Basel

Gaudi and Danny Ladwa Live Performance in Miami
Gaudi and Danny Ladwa Live Performance in Miami

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