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Irina Kazakova Contortionist South Beach Miami Commercial Photography


I get so inspired photographing such powerful spiritual uplifting women. Its like our energy bounces off each other as we create impactful images. Another sunrise commercial lifestyle photoshoot on South Beach Miami Florida. How better to start the day! I love my purpose within photography and how diverse it is as am I. Irina Kazakova is known as one of the world’s most flexible contortionists. She is a world-class gymnast who specializes in contortion and rhythmic gymnastics on Russia’s national team. The first time I met Irina was at Moksha   during Art Basel as she performed one of the biggest Art events in the world. I was enlighten by her artistic beauty and talent.

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Model Irina Kazakova

Commercial Photographer Tracey Ahrendt

Location South Beach Miami

Irina Kazakova Contortionist
Irina Kazakova Contortionist

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