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StaySea Surf Lifestyle Commercial Photoshoot Miami Florida

It was such a pleasure to work with StaySea during this sunrise photoshoot in South Beach – Miami, Florida. Stacey Coon is an amazing woman; a super powerful and inspiring woman, through and through. Our paths first crossed through her artwork, as she does many events live painting both canvases and bodies. She is a visionary artist, using vibrant colors and animal motifs to express the wisdom and medicine the natural world around us holds within. I appreciate her artwork and its many forms.

Stacey is what I call a ‘Do’er.’ She absolutely lives her life to the fullest and aims to reach her highest potential through all of her endeavors. She is a sponsored and competitive surfer, in addition to her artwork. She travels the world with close friends, and sometimes even solo, to find those perfect waves. She is a beautiful soulful surf goddess — you can see the love she shares with her Corkscrew surfboard through the uplifting photoshoot we created together.

She rocks Costa Bikinis for all of her surf bikini needs! These bikinis won’t fall off, even in the surf of Costa Rica – tried and tested by Stacey herself. They are made from the most beautiful Lycra in Spain. They are thick material with colors and patterns that won’t fade if properly cared for.


Her glass beaded roll on bracelets are handmade in Nepal by female artisans — the company is Sashka Co. They support the fight against poverty in underdeveloped areas. They are a fair-trade company — enabling the workers to receive a livable income that covers their basic needs.


Find out more about Stacey and her sponsors here at:

Bracelets Sashka Co.

Miami Commercial Photographer by: Tracey Ahrendt

Bracelets Sashka Co.


StaySea Lifestyle Commercial Photoshoot South Beach, Miami Florida
StaySea Lifestyle Commercial Photoshoot South Beach, Miami Florida

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  1. Sunrise lighting is so gorgeous and so are these portraits! Great job. Beautiful woman, setting and light!

  2. Great work! People are always looking for a great Miami Beach photographer. Great use of lighting!

  3. Such a great idea, doing a lifestyle shoot at sunrise on Miami Beach! You really captured the light!

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